Entrepreneur & Career Counseling

Entrepreneur & Career Counseling is designed specifically with the career woman in mind. Oftentimes, we professional women can get caught up in our personal responsibilities and career goals, leaving us vulnerable to work-related stress and lifestyle imbalances. Many of us have even experienced career burnout and job dissatisfaction. My approach to Entrepreneur & Career Counseling is to provide you with support structured to fit your individual needs, as well as your busy schedule. As a woman entrepreneur myself, I know firsthand how hard it can be to make the transition towards establishing a business of your own. Because of this, it is my goal to provide a safe space for other professional women to take the time to work through the stressors and anxieties that can often be a very big part of the process and can potentially deter you from accomplishing your business goals. It is so important to proactively establish self-care and supportive resources as part of your entrepreneurial plan because it, not only allows you to be your best self, but it also helps to prevent burnout and other pitfalls along the way.

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  • Please note that only home-based and virtual (via video) counseling services are offered at this time. 


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