I’m so glad you’re here. Life can be challenging, and navigating life after having survived a traumatic experience or during a major transition can be especially difficult. As Women, we tend to internalize our struggles for the sake of caring for others, often putting our needs on the back burner and denying ourselves the right to be supported. However, it is that lack of appropriate support that can result in the manifestation of many new challenges that can negatively impact our quality life and the quality of our relationships, such as our relationships with co-workers, our relationships with intimate partners and even our relationships with ourselves. But it is important to know that recovery is possible, and having a balanced life, a successful career and healthy relationships is within your reach. The truth is that everyone can benefit from counseling – we are all connected on some level and are deserving of validation and care. Especially you. Especially now.

My approach is Woman-centered and strength based, with a holistic foundation. I believe that all Women have within them, what is needed to heal. It’s just a matter of supporting and empowering you to reconnect with that internal source of restoration in a safe space. Moreover, because my approach is also strength based, I work by not focusing on the issues, but by helping you to identify your personal strengths, so that we can build from there. You’ve already taken a big step in seeking support in your journey to healing and creating your best life. Allow me to encourage you to take another by reaching out to me so that, together, we can work to help you find peace with your past, reshape your present and empower your future.

  • Please note that only home-based and virtual (via video) counseling services are offered at this time. 



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